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Five-color flexible filament

The filament


- High light efficiency, intelligent dimming and color mixing

- The light shape is retro, the shape is changeable, and the light color is soft and beautiful

@ 2700 k - 145 lm/w/Ra80/6 * 20 mil chip

- Low cavity rate, single pad ≤10%

- High concentration of color area, 90% for 4 steps, 100% for 5 steps

- Torsion test shipment, strong stress resistance

- Short process flow

- Cladding process, resistance to disturbance and folding, not easy to die lamp

- LM80 kilos 6000H

- The products are used in decorative lighting and other indoor lighting

Five-color flexible filament
Five-color flexible filament


SeriesPart No.L/F TypeColor(K)Test Condition(mA)IV(lm)Vf(V)RaAngle
248mmRF-FPF4W26RGB1G-T5248 * 7.5 mm2200+RGB+650040320-420..13582360
248mmRF-FPF4W26RGB1K-T5248 * 7.5 mm2200+RGB+650020320-420..27082360
300mmRF-FPF6W26RGB1G-T5300 * 7.5 mm2200+RGB+650040350-450..13582360
300mmRF-FPF6W26RGB1K-T5300 * 7.5 mm2200+RGB+650020350-450..27082360





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